Easily Track and Control Assets
Gain Competitive Edge with enhanced visibility of assets.

Drive Efficiency. Drive Compliance. Drive Results.

Trakie platform available from $10 a month**
** Applicable to a single unit.. Hardware not included. Fleet Operators can achieve lower special rates

Trakie advantages for your business includes:

Increased profitability, enhanced vehicle security, Trakie GPS checking, stolen vehicle recuperation, enhance fuel productivity, lessened work expenses and costs with remarkable support and customer support from Trakie Team.

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  • Drivers and Vehicles Analytics

    Trakie can give robust information about drivers driving methods and in depth information about vehicle maintenance program and usage in a friendly manner including dashboards and detailed reports that are customizable.

  • Diminish wear and tear

    Trakie allows route and controls implementation, planning and adherence to routes and company policies by using geofencing and events.

  • Manage assets with sophisticated features

    Tracking with events that triggers instant real time reporting by email, SMS and Notifications helps your business to manage effectively.

  • Routes Improvement

    Continous improvement in streamlining routes for your fleets. Mark points of interest like Petrol stations for filling up along the routes.

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Trakie CRM and Management for Vehicle Tracking

Consolidating propelled continuous vehicle tracking with capable logical programming And apps for analysis, historical analysis and dashboards and vehicle grouping with Segregated User access has made our Trakie solution one of the best investigative Software bundle accessible in the market today.

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